Frequently asked questions

Where / how do I play?

The game is made to be playable both offline and online! There are no online features, but if you happen to be on a mobile device or don't have a few megabytes of disk space to spare, you can always play the game here on the site, under the play tab, over on the left. As for how to play, the game itself has a 'help' menu, to help get you acquainted with the controls, and there's a tutorial whenever you start a new game.

Can I write / draw / code stuff for you?

We're currently conflicted as to whether we should accept community contributions, but keep an ear out for announcements if you have particular ideas you'd like to see implemented and have a hand in. If you'd like to contribute code or bug fixes, the game is open-source, so feel free to download it and skim around, and report anything you find that looks horrible on our forums or our discord.

I found a typo or a bug! How do I report it?

We more closely monitor our discord than our forums, but either is fine for bug reports. Hop into either one and let us know with a new message or thread and we'll fix it whenever we can, provided we can figure out how to reproduce the bug / typo.

I can't make new saves. What gives?

If your saves don't appear or the game throws an error after you try to save, you are probably out of local storage space. Most browsers have a limit of 5 MB per domain, so you shouldn't encounter this problem when playing on our site, but if you've played other browser games locally, and are playing a downloaded version of the game, you might be out of space! You can wipe everything using a javascript command (localStorage.removeItem(item)), or you can go into whatever other games you've played to see if you can free up any space there.

Why do you have double spaces after periods?

Our programmer thinks it's more easily skimmable that way.

This UI seems very familiar. Did you lift something?

We took inspiration from multiple smut games we've encountered over the years combined with our own ideas about how a UI should work. The collapsible sidebars idea is ripped from the sugarcube HTML engine and the 15 button layout is an obvious homage (see: rip-off) of other similar games like CoC, TiTS, and Lilith's throne, but pretty much everything else is as 'original' as you can get.

Can I join the team?

Presently, no. We're not looking to induct new people for full-time development. We're happy to have you in our discord though, if you'd like to discuss things or talk with other players about your ideas.

Why a web game?

The one code person on the team was a web developer, and it was the most sensible platform for making the game easily accessible.

What framework is the game built on?

None! Everything was done from the ground-up. We don't use Angular, React, Sugarcube, Twine, or even JQuery. The only external resources we use are the LZW string compression script by Pieroxy and a load of icons from the people at Icons8.

How long have you been working on the game?

Development started back in May of 2020, and has been on and off since then.

Will you add or write content for (specific fetish)?

That depends! We have a fair bit of varied content planned, but no definitive list of fetishes or interests we plan to include. Nothing is steadfast and we are willing to include most things to some extent, but we'll need content to include them before we do. There is nothing stopping anyone from modding the game of their own accord, though, so feel free to add and share whatever you think is missing.