About us

Atelier Lotus (name pending?) Is a team of three people, based in the USA:

- IkkyKrrk; a writer & artist,

- Marlee; also a writer, a game industry specialist and an all-around creative type,

- and Caliber, a programmer, writer, and artist.

One of them had the idea for a smut game at some point and everyone else was fine with it so now we're here. There are others that come and go to help, many in larger ways than even the original devs, but these are the 'original 3.'

Huge thanks to Xiode for the story reboot.

The game

Blessing of Astarte is an erotic text adventure / role-playing game set in a fantasy-medieval universe brought closer to modern technology through magic. In this story, you, the player, have recently returned home from a tour in a neighboring country, whether that was to learn, fight, steal, or something in between. You play as one of a number of anthropomorphic races, from wolves to reptiles and birds. Much like similar games of the genre, such as Corruption of Champions or Lilith's throne, You will encounter many different characters, creatures, and events, which may result in anything from a multi-combatant melee battle, to transformation, weight gain, or any number of other things.

The game has been in development since mid-2020. Thus far, most of the effort has been put towards storyboarding and the code side of the game, making the user experience as pleasant as possible while attempting to keep the game performant for older machines.

The game started out as more or less just a CoC clone, but over time has started to merge with elements of visual novels as we learn the kinds of things writers actually benefit from.

Updated 13 September 2022